Workplace / Lugar de Trabajo

Project and Accomplishments / Proyecto y Logros


Senior Developer (Full time)

August 2022


Helping in the development and maintaining the LabelPC application, which is a Point Cloud labeler on which we identify the different rooms of a storing facility to measure storage pallet capacity, area and volume.

My most notable accomplishments on the project have been:

  • Setting up the code documentation with Sphinx, and publishing the website in Read the Docs.
  • Create a custom Box Cloud tool to integrate the general use Box SDK to our custom needs.
  • Create automation workflows through the use of a server to automatically generate and update the DXF files that represent each labeled facility.
  • Introduce multi core utilization for the point cloud calculations and filtering.


Junior Developer (Contractor)

June 2022
October 2022

LaunchMobility Backend Platform

Had no achievements and couldn’t do anything notable within the platform of the company. Culture shock with the company. My way of work wasn’t a match and I felt that changing my way of doing things to fulfill the company’s needs required a great effort that was only useful in that place and time, but not for my overall development as a programmer. Bummer, but that happens. Sometimes you don’t mesh with the team.

Did a kick-ass test exam tho. Micro services connecting different functionality of the test application using both, messaging and endpoints within the docker compose.

Sophos Solutions

Developer (Full time)

April 2022
July 2022

Monitoring Platform for Mines

Continue the development and scalling of a mine monitoring platform to mitigate geological risk.

Because there was a communication gap between the Spanish speaking team, that started the platform and the English speaking team that was going to continue developing it, my role at the beginning was to be a communication bridge between the Spanish talking team members and the English speaking team members on a technical level, and thanks to that, we were able to understand and document the base code, fix the infrastructure problems that we were having with Kubernetes and deliver the needed results to the client.

My short time with the team was caused by a surgery my father was going to have and my attention was required 100%. They did offered me paid vacation leave or half day work so that I could stay with my father and not quit, but wasn’t able to accept because wasn’t sure of the amount of time I was going to be away.


Development Analyst (Full time)

April 2021
March 2022

Proceedings Digitalization/Classification/Storage Platform

Help develop and maintain code from a web application, on which we could upload scanned proceedings to classify them using different AI services from AWS.

Two of my notable developments were:

  • Creating a tool to transfer files between the AWS and Azure storage services through a stream of data from one service to another.

  • Creating a base Metaclass and a function decorator to log all the functionality of the application without having to add anything else than to add the Metaclass to the class and just a decorator to the different functions that were critical for the platform.


Owner (1 week every 6 months normally)

March 2020

Company Internal Tools

Create a web portal for my clients to create orders, keep track of the shipping status and download required documents for merchandise nationalization. This a long with automatic emails for reminders and important notes about the merchandise helps me keep the head count short on the company, prepare the container in less than a week, and to work as lean as possible, minimizing expenses.

Institución Universitaria ITM

Data Analyst (Contractor)

October 2016
January 2021

University Indicators and Academic Monitoring Platform

I did miscellaneous work regarding student retention in the institution, on which two of my more notable developments where

  • Create a web portal that monitors all the students who are beneficiaries of the scholarships awarded by the Medellín mayor’s office, in order to generate early alarms indicating low academic performance and possible desertion, for the intervention of the university welfare department.

  • Create an indicator that measures the impact of the university in a student, measuring if the university turned a bad student into a good one, a good student into an excellent one, and what happens with the already excellent students that the university has.